Monday, 26 March 2012

"Playing the Promo Game"

Promotion and advertising is, perhaps, the most influential tool for fashion companies in order to create a stir of desire and consumer nature around their product. In my opinion, high quality promotion and successful advertising determines how well we are provoked to endorse in said products.

The fashion industry has creative advertising down to a fine tuned art, where we see so many extraordinary new and innovative ways of promotion and advertising used every where within the public eye, whether on billboards, shop windows or a viral advertising. The key, I believe, in a successful campaign or 'business plan' for promotion is the strength of the communication, the suggestive and emotive language and imagery used to create the ultimate emphasise of brand and product awareness.

Levi's Campaign 'Go Forth'

Although there seems to be mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the Levi's campaign, in my opinion, the brand and its image and message are clear throughout. The use of consistent text, both in style and emotive use, and the imagery that invokes a laid back but empowered feel in the audience communicates successfully the intended brand and designer message.

De Beers Jewellery 'A Diamond is Forever'

A very chic, stylishly simple advertising campaign for the ultra chic and stylish De Beer's. Humorous and romantic at the same time, these adverts appeal emotionally to both sides of their audience. A very clever use of emotive advertising at its best.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 campaign

Previously in my Context of Practise research I looked into Lanvin as a brand and the promotional video they created. Here, in the same lux style as before, Lanvin communicates a striking advertising campaign, visually strong and bold in the contortions of the bodies in juxtaposition with the elegance and class of the garments involved. Brilliant.

Stella McCartney

London Fashion Week. Stella McCartney's debut Autumn/Winter 2012. Promotional excellence.

 '...just as the fourth vegetarian mini course was slipping down, a model seated at one of the tables yelled at a waiter, someone threw a chair, someone else leapt across the room in full attack mode and before the startled guests, who included Kate Moss, Rihanna, Peter Blake, Zaha Hadid, Paul Whitehouse, Richard E Grant and Minnie Driver, grasped quite what was going on, a flash-mob fashion show was taking place ... Forget dreary old conventional catwalk, this was surround-fashion: Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Valetta dancing on tables and chairs, Shalom Harlow throwing diva-like shapes, ... and around 16 other models taking part in a choreographed number that combined high energy with McCartney's voluminous marbled dresses and those sexy black and white panelled columns that are rapidly becoming another of her trademarks.'

Please follow this link to watch McCartney's flash fashion mob!

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