Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Concept Development"

My main aim for my final piece, or artifact, in reflection of my research and studies into context of practise, is to highlight and express the diversity of our individual identities and style. It is my belief that how we dress ourselves day to day is a directly personal expression of who we are. I believe that your personal style represents your identity, what makes you and your personality, an individual.

I am always in admiration of what people wear, intrigued by the different mix of styles we see everywhere. For my artifact, I collected photographs of individual styles of my peers, taking inspiration from the trend hunter and street style blog's I had previously looked at, collecting all these images to create a montage of different styles and fashion identities, I way in which, I feel is direct and clear in expressing my intentions of communication.

As my theme was communication, I wanted to promote a message, invoking a feeling and emotion within the audience, which would ultimately spark their own thoughts and opinions about identity. Perhaps thinking how much they feel they express their own identity through fashion and style, perhaps how others use their style to create a different desired persona.

I had previously looked at the use of strong, emotive language in advertising and promotion. In my opinion, the most simple, clear and quite to the point messages are the most successful and are the ones that will stick into the minds of the audience, inspiring new thoughts and ideas. Hence why I felt a bold, clean message of 'Who will you be?' was perfect in reiterating my communication of identity.

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