Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"My Thought Process"

How people express their identity and personality through their own individual style is something that I find my self very interested in. How you can interpret a persons interests, perhaps music preference, taste and expressions just through the way they dress. How we portray and express, presenting ourselves to peers and public in our own desired way in that we determine how we are perceived.

In this idea of individual identity there is some negativity. Take perhaps, the reasons why the majority of the youth in society feel that they should, perhaps even need, to present a 'bettered' version of ourselves, only to be judge accordingly in the eyes of our peers. This could be, perhaps, because of the constant emphasis on celebrity culture, creating a feeling that we all should 'dress to impress' in our day to day.

With this in mind, however, I have feel positive about our world wide 'street style'. It is my opinion that whether we dress to impress others, to conform to a societal group, or perhaps even just to fill us with an air of confidence in our lives, no matter what the reason - it is our own identity.

Leeds is a wonderful city to see the diversification of fashion, style and identity. The great mix of high end designer fashion labels, the leading high street brands and great vintage and boutique stores all around the city really contributes to the varying street style in Leeds. I find myself fascinated by the fashion I see on the streets, admiring those who think 'outside the box' in style, the quirky fashion pieces and diverse expression that is seen in everyone's style identity.
This was my starting point, and with this, researched into different blog and websites that bring attention and explore the styles of you and I, celebrating it as it should be.

You cannot say 'street style' and not think 'The Sartorialist'.

The Style Scout

Elle Magazine

Street Peeper 

The Locals

Les Garcon De Glasgow

I urge you to take a look at these, really some great inspiring street styles.

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