Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"The Power of Sex"

It seems that where ever we look today some form of sexual imagery is being forced upon us, albeit sometimes in a more subtle way than others, and I have to ask myself, is this really what we have become? Yes, we are all sexual beings, but is this really all we are?

Countless companies use the idea of sex in their advertising campaigns, some trying to push the boundaries of "acceptable" advertising more than others. One could say that in this society that has a globalised obsession with sex it seems the idea of "acceptable" is exactly what campaigns strive to push and break. Are we really that easily led to consume?

Some advertising, that so obviously screams sex makes me wonder about the lack of originality and creativity in advertising. What ever happened to the advertisement that did not need to use sex to sell?

I am certainly not denying the fact that sex does help to sell, but is it the only way?

Some argue, yes, these advertisements that are sexualised do help to boost sales, however, certainly do not sustain this revenue. In my opinion, the brand or company needs real substance and product awareness in order to be able to use sex as a selling point.

It is these advertisements that so obviously jump on the "sex sells" band waggon just to temporarily boost sales is exactly why I feel strongly about this. A great deal of advertisements are directed in some way towards sex, and I feel this is a great shame that it seems that we are so easily distracted and lured by this sexualisation.

In our society, it is becoming more and more apparent of the extreme over use of sexual ideas and imagery in advertising. In my opinion, and I'm sure in the view of others too, this constant bombardment of sexualisation on the "youth of today" is deeply saddening. The younger generation are manipulated into being sexually aware at a much too young age, thus loosing their childhood.

Therefore, I have to ask myself how powerful is the power of sex?

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