Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"The Power of Desire"

As a society, we are driven by a consumer state, 'wanting', 'needing', always seeking that next new purchase or 'dream', whether it is the new statement handbag or a holiday. With this, the power of advertising comes into play, as it provides us all with the desire to conform to the idea of the 'consuming individual'.

'to convince people all over the world that they did not just want this product, they needed it.'
Hegarty, 2009

The use of psychology, or 'high feeling stratergy', creativity and innovation in advertising has made it, in my opinion, the most influential form of promoting a product or idea.
The relationship between fashion and advertising has always interested me, having previously explored the use of sex appeal in advertising and the 'shock factor' in more controversial advertising.
In response to the lecture 'History of Advertising', I came across the highly controversial advertising campaigns for the fashion house 'Sisley', of which used the same strategy of 'shockvertising' that I have previously looked at. Morally, the depiction of drug use and abuse in this particular advertisement, is totally wrong and, some could say, very unnecessary. One could say that the use of the subject of drug use is irrelavent to the product in promoting and advertising. However, the shock value in this is ultimately why this advertisement is successful, in capturing the audience of the public. In my opinion, I do agree that the subject of drug use should never be used irresponisbly, however, I feel that the concept of the advertisement is clear and concise, and if not taken too seriously is quite clever in the use of the play on words; 'Fashion Junkie', perhaps suggesting the addictive nature of the fashion industry.

'The most expensive real estate is the corner of somebody's mind' (Hegarty, 2009)

Fashion advertising is used to communicate an idea or concept to a desired target audience, and are the most powerful reflection, other than perhaps - the fashion show - of a fashion house or brand.

Calvin Klein communicates their minimalist style and tailored masculinity beautifully here. The model pictured, Lara Stone, reflects the stark beauty that represents the fashion house. Calvin Klein seems to have adopted a particular signature style of advertising, using mostly black and white photography and minimalist approach, reflecting as a modern, chic brand to any consuming audience.
'Aspirational advertising' is used at the forefront of communicating and promoting a fashion brand. The use of beautiful models and 'perfect', idealised photography campaigns, the audience desires to aspire to the lifestyle of beauty and glamour. Dolce and Gabbana, in my opinion, has mastered the art of powerful aspirational advertising.

Dolce and Gabbana's main emphasis in their advertising campaigns is glamour. The communication of this is wonderful, particularly in the fragrance advertisements using Scarlet Johannson where we see the use of idea of iconic, international glamour and femininity. I find it interesting that more often than not, Dolce and Gabbanna use the idea of the narrative within their advertisements, giving depth and further interest to the already over populated fashion advertisements. This is what I believe sets them apart from others, making their campaigns more memorable in the public eye, perfectly communicating the Dolce and Gabbana brand.

The use of comunication in fashion has altered and changed dramatically with new technology and the constant desire for an artisan approach to promotion and advertisement. More and more fashion labels are takin into consideration the experience of the consumer in communicating their brand and image. For examplem the Prada flagship store in New York is designed to give the customer a totally different experience. Designed much like an art gallery in the way clothing and products are displayed, with installations and interactive experiences.

The way we communicate is forever changing. As consumer's, the way we experience fashion will continue to develop combining art, media platforms and technology. I found this interesting video showing just one of the technological advances being explored in how we communicate in the fashion industry.

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